Persons with Disability

Person With Disability (PWD) Scheme

Coordinator    : Smt.Sreeja.M.K        Ph: 9747277990

In accordance with the National Policy on Education 1986 and Persons with Disability Act (PWD) 1995. MHRD, Govt. of India have launched a scheme for integrating Persons With Disability in the main stream of Technical and Vocational Education. A number of polytechnics all over the country are selected for the implementation of the scheme.

The scheme proposes to train 25 diploma holders and 100 vocationally trained persons from among the PWDs every year. The diploma holders will be mainstreamed with regular students. Vocational training programmes aims skill development to enable them for self/wage employment in thier own vicinity.

This polytechnic was selected as one of the two polytechnics in the state in the year 2000-2001. Under the scheme persons are admitted for regular Diploma Course and skill development training courses are conducted with the Polytechnic and at selected centers.

Necessary infrastructure facilities are provided for the PWDs in the Polytechnic Campus. In 2018-19, 22 students are admitted for the Diploma Courses and 80 students are selected for various Skill Development Courses.

The scheme is implemented as per the operational plan approved by NITTTR Chennai who are the monitoring agency for the scheme.