Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance means a complaint about any kind of discontent, dissatisfaction or negative perception by a student, parent or staff member. A Grievance Redressal Cell committee among faculty is constituted to take care of these grievances.

Committe Members

Smt M .K. Sheeba, Principal    Ph: 9447201884


Shri. Joshy. R.S, HOS Mechanical Engineering  Ph: 9447450449


1. Shri.S.R .Venugopal, HOS Computetr Engg.  email:   Ph: 9447477664

2. Kum. Priya Ravinath, Asst.Proffessor in English  Ph:8891150132

3. Shri. Shanavas. K.A, Senior Superintendent  email:    Ph: 984778232

4. Shri.V.G.Gopinath, Advoacte               email:   Ph: 9349895275