Admission & Rules

In these rules and regulations unless the context otherwise requires:
1.1 Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar means the calendar of academic activities undertaken during a semester as prescribed by the State Board of Technical Education.
1.2 Academic Year
Academic Year in relation to a programme means a period of 10 months spanning two successive calendar years, which includes instructional periods, holidays and examinations which shall invariably consist of 2 semesters, called odd and even semesters.
1.3 Course
Course means the study of an individual subject in a particular semester (traditionally referred to as subject/ paper) which shall include theory, practical, field work, project work etc.
1.4 Course Categories
Course Categories means the distribution of courses for a programme.
1.5 Credit
Credit means the sum of lecture periods in instructional hours and half the hours of practical, drawing etc. allotted for teaching the course, specified in the curriculum. A student earns as much number of credits for a course if he/ she completes the prescribed course as per the curriculum and satisfies the criteria fixed for such course
by the State Board of Technical Education.
1.6 Curriculum
Curriculum for a course or programme means a written document prepared by the State Board of Technical Education which states the educational objectives detailing the integrated sequence of areas of study covered under the course or programme with detailed contents, recommendations as to the learning experiences to be given to students and methodology of student evaluation for achieving the learning objectives for the student undergoing the course or programme in each semester which among other things shall include the syllabus, theory, practical, project work, etc. and the rules and regulations contained herein.
1.7 Diploma
Diploma means a certificate, declaring that the holder has successfully completed a programme specified in the curriculum for such programme and satisfies the criteria fixed for such programme by the State Board of Technical Education.
1.8 Instructional Hour
Instructional hour means a period of instruction of 55 minutes duration.
1.9 Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor means a teacher who is in charge of a particular semester of a programme with the responsibility of primarily monitoring the diverse activities associated with that particular semester of a programme.
1.10 Programme
Programme means the entire course of study and examinations (traditionally referred to as course) prescribed for the same leading to the award of diploma.
1.11 Semester
Semester means a period of 5 months in an academic year, which shall include instructional periods, holidays and examinations. Odd semesters shall span from June to October. Even Semesters shall span from November to March.
1.12 Student
Student means a candidate admitted to or registered for a course or programme in
accordance with these rules and regulations.
Rules and Regulations

2.1 Duration of the Diploma Programme
The duration of a programme shall be of 3 (three) academic years, consisting of 6 (six) consecutive semesters. The maximum duration permissible for acquiring diploma shall be 6 academic years from the commencement of the programme.
In case of Tool & Die Engineering, additional 12 months inplant training shall be mandatory for awarding diploma.
2.2 Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
2.3 Eligibility for Registration for a Programme
A pass with eligibility for higher studies in the Xth class examination (S.S.L.C) conducted by the Board of Public Examinations, Kerala State or equivalent examinations with mathematics, science and English as three of the subjects studied for engineering and technology programmes and mathematics and English as two of the subjects studied for Commercial Practice and Computer Application & Business Management programmes, recognized by the Board of Public Examinations of Kerala State.
2.4 Instructional Duration in an Academic Year
An academic year shall consist of 2 (two) semesters.
Odd semester in an academic year shall span from June to October (Including Holi- days and Examinations) and even semester in an academic year shall span from November to March (Including Holidays and Examinations).
i. A semester normally consists of 75 days of Instruction.
ii. A programme shall follow semester pattern, with end of semester examinations for each semester conducted by the State Board of Technical Education, Kerala State.
iii. There shall be 7 (seven) periods of 55 (fifty five) minutes duration of instruction each day for 5 days per week.
2.5 Course Categories
The courses of study shall be in accordance with the scheme and syllabi pre- scribed in the curriculum. A programme shall consist of following course categories:
2.5.1 Foundation Courses
Foundation Courses are courses covering areas which are required to build a foundation for further studies in the programme selected by the student.
2.5.2 Common Courses
Common Courses are courses to be studied by all students admitted to a programme.
2.5.3 Basic Technology Courses
Basic Technology Courses are foundation courses which aim to bridge the courses of pure science/ social science/ commercial practice/ applied science/ management with the applied technology and elective courses.
2.5.4 Applied Technology Courses
Applied Technology Courses are professional level terminal courses through which the desired knowledge and skills are achieved by the students to perform his/ her job functions in the programme selected by the student.
2.5.5 Elective Courses
Elective Courses are integrated courses providing detailed knowledge in specific areas in the same or related course with an aim to develop knowledge and awareness in other interdisciplinary areas of study.
2.6 Minimum credits to be earned for award of diploma
A student shall acquire the minimum credits for each course/category of courses as prescribed in the curriculum and satisfy such other criteria fixed by the State Board of Technical Education, to be entitled for the award of diploma in the programme.
2.7 Programme Registration
Each student admitted to the programme shall be required to take the registration for programme. This registration shall be valid for 6 (six) academic years. If a student fails to earn the diploma within a period of six academic years, his registration shall be treated as cancelled and he/she will forfeit the credits already earned for the programme.
2.8 Semester Registration
Every student admitted/promoted to a semester has to complete the semester registration at the beginning of the semester. A unique Permanent Register Number shall be issued by the Controller of Technical Examinations to each student at the time of first semester registration. This unique number shall be used for all references such as further semester registration, examination registration and other academic activities.
2.9 Examination
I. The examinations for a programme shall be conducted by the State Board of Technical Education in accordance with the curriculum prescribed for the programme. All candidates who have done semester registration shall register for examinations by remitting the prescribed fee whenever the Controller of Technical examinations notifies.
II. No candidate shall be permitted to appear for end of semester examinations unless
(a) He/ she is certified by the principal to the effect that he/she has attended 75% of the actual instructional hours for all the courses put together in the particular semester.
(b) He/ she has completed all the prescribed laboratory, practical, workshop practical or any other kind of practical including drawing, field work, project work etc. as prescribed in the curriculum and so certified by the Head of Department of the concerned programme. Such certification shall be on the basis of the recommendations of the faculty handling the course.
(c) Students are eligible for condonation as per Govt. order in force
III. Students who do not satisfy clauses 2.9 - II above shall have to register for the same semester as and when it is offered in the institution afresh and shall have to fulfill such conditions prescribed by the State Board of Technical Education subjected to clause 2.12.
IV. A student shall have to remit the fees prescribed by the Government from time to time for registration/ re-registration for the course along with application in the prescribed form.
V. A student shall not be allowed to re-register for a course or reappear for an examination for which he/she has gained the prescribed credits.
2.10 Promotion to next semester.
A student is promoted to the next semester only if he/she had the eligibility for appearing for the previous semester examination satisfying clause 2.9.
2.11 Roll out and readmission
A student with 15 days of continuous absence shall be removed from roll. He/she shall be readmitted only if he/she is claimed for readmission within 15 days from the date of roll out. Readmission can be sought only to the semester in which he was studying at the time of rolled out. Attendance for eligibility for appearing to the semester examination for such cases shall be counted from the commencement of the semester.
2.12 Repeating a semester
A student with less than 75% of attendance and has not condoned the shortage of attendance or has attendance less than 65% or he/ she has not completed all the prescribed laboratory, practical, workshop practical or any other kind of practical including drawing, field work, project work etc. as prescribed in the curriculum and got certified by the Head of Department of the concerned programme shall have to repeat the semester. He/she can repeat the semester only with the succeeding batch as and when it is offered in the institution and this shall be on the discretion of the Principal on being satisfied as to the genuineness of the absence. In case of scheme change, the student has to earn credits for the equivalent and additional subjects decided by the Department of Technical Education.
2.13 Assessment of students
2.13.1 General
The assessment of students for each course shall be done through continuous internal assessment and end of semester examinations. Internal assessment shall be conducted throughout the semester.
Internal assessment marks of theory and practical courses shall be published in the college on the dates stipulated in the academic calendar.
2.13.2 Internal assessment for Theory Courses
The maximum marks awarded for internal continuous assessment and end of semester examinations shall be 50 and 100 respectively, totaling to 150.
The weightage awarded for internal assessment marks shall be as follows:
Criteria Component     Weightage (%)
1     Test Papers (Average of best 2)     50
2     Assignments (Minimum 3)     30
3     Attendance     20